What if the casino does not pay out the winnings

  • 30 November
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Online gambling has long been a popular leisure activity for many users. Now you don't need to go anywhere to spin the reels in slots, bet on the result in roulette or try your skills at baccarat, poker or blackjack. All you need to do is choose and then register at a reliable online casino. Then there will be a chance to hit a good jackpot. At the same time, there are many examples on the Internet in which users describe their problems with receiving payments from online casinos.

Frequent violations by players, due to which money is not withdrawn

Many problems arise due to the fact that users do not take the time to study the rules and agree to all the terms automatically. As a result, serious violations are committed on purpose or unknowingly, which lead to non-payment of money and even to account blocking. Therefore, if any point of the rules is in doubt, then it is better to give preference to another operator.

Common violations include:

Registration of multiple accounts by one person. If detected, all accounts are blocked without a refund.
Opening an account by citizens of countries for which registration on the operator's website is prohibited.
Refusal to pass verification. The need to provide documents is often faced by players who want to withdraw large amounts in the equivalent of $ 1000.
Use of electronic wallets and plastic cards that do not belong to the client as payment methods. Explanations that a relative or friend has contributed to the account will not be accepted. On some sites, the return of the deposit to the true owners is allowed, but without the received win.
Ordering a payout before wagering on an active bonus. In this case, a refusal to process the application comes. Winnings and the balance of bonus funds are debited. To avoid violations, you must carefully read and follow the terms of the promotion.
Contacting support is the first step to resolve the issue

If none of the rules of the casino was violated by the client, then for an explanation of the refusal to pay out, you need to contact the support service. This can be done most quickly through online chat. It is also advisable to prepare screenshots about the amount of winnings, the state of the balance, the current situation with the bonus.

The support staff will explain the reason or provide contacts for filing a complaint.

If the player's requests are ignored in the chat, then you can look at the contacts in the rules of the site to complete a detailed appeal. After sending you need to wait for a response. The information received from the support team will help determine the next step to solve the problem. It is also possible that the operator will remove the restriction on payments, ask to re-issue an application or approve a previously submitted one.

Drafting a complaint on casino sites

When you cannot resolve a problematic issue in correspondence with the support service, you have to resort to other measures. One of the most effective ways is to file a complaint on sites related to iGaming, where casino representatives are present. In such cases, you need to open a dispute, provide the necessary screenshots from your Personal Account, electronic copies of correspondence with support staff.

Even those users who have their account blocked have a chance of a successful outcome. However, you will have to reasonably prove your case. Most operators value their reputation, so they strive to quickly resolve issues.

Referring to the regulators

If the previous methods did not result in a payment, there is one more option. This is an appeal to the regulator, which issued the site a license to provide access to gambling services. This method can be used when the issue needs to be resolved with a legal institution.

Each casino works with its own licensing authority. It is advisable for the player to clarify the information about the regulator even before the registration.

In case of violations, the casino can be sanctioned up to the revocation of the license. Therefore, operators try to respond to complaints as quickly as possible.