Gods Of Rock

  • 06 September
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Gods of Rock Slot Review 2021

Gods of Rock from Thunderkick is not a concert you want to miss, so get ready to scream, headbang and rock as the deities take the stage to deliver some godly music.

There are some providers that we’re ready to rock with all of the time, and Thunderkick is definitely one of them. Their release schedule isn’t as busy as other providers, so sometimes you have to wait a little while until you get that sweet hit of Thunderkick magic once again. One of the reasons you don’t see as many releases from these guys is because they like to take time to carefully nurture their ideas before bringing them to life in a meticulous fashion.

A quick look at history tells us all we need to know about the quality that Thunderkick can put out. The likes of Riders of the Storm and the fierce Beat the Beast series still have widespread popularity today for a very good reason.

Gods of Rock may not feature Sky Pirates or battles against mythological creatures, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of action.

Crowd surf with us into this Gods of Rock Slot Review and let’s see what happens when Lucifer, Thor, Athena, Anubis and Medusa start a band.

Gods of Rock Slot Theme

How many do you think would turn out to see 5 gods play live? We’re not talking about the title of ‘god’ that we might give to legends in the rock n roll scene, but actual Gods!

Our guess is a fair few, and the background of Gods of Rock certainly seems to indicate that the venue is at maximum capacity. When you’re playing Gods of Rock, expect an incredible atmosphere among those who are unfathomably excited to hear the music of divine beings.

Gods of Rock has done a stellar job on the graphical front, and the depiction of some of the Gods in their Rock n Roll getup is as humorous as it is interesting.

Gods of Rock: Betting and Symbols

Betting options in Gods of Rock opens up the stage to just about anybody looking to rock with options that start from £/€0.10 per spin. The highest betting option in this one is £/€100 per spin, and with plenty of options in between the two, it seems as if tickets for the Gods of Rock concert is affordable for all.

There are 12 symbols in Gods of Rock, and the highest of them all is Lucifer. Following from Lucifer is Thor, Athena, Anubis and Medusa, and low paying symbols are Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 & 9.

There’s also a Wild symbol, which substitutes for all other symbols.

Gods of Rock: The Base Game and Features

Gods of Rock is a 6 reel slot with 466 Connecting Pay Ways.

To form a win, you’ll need at least 3 of any symbol to connect from adjacent reels, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be from the left-most reel. Symbols need to be within one space of each other horizontally, or diagonally. This concept might sound a little confusing, as it’s not exactly utilised much when compared to other pay mechanics.

To put it simply, Symbols pretty much just need to touch on adjacent reels just like they would with conventional pay lines but not as restrictive.

Symbols that are included in a pay way will explode, leaving space for new and existing symbols to fall to fill the empty positions. This will continue as long as new pay ways are formed, so there are chances to win more than once on a single spin.

As is the case with many slots, The Wild symbol is fundamental to securing those wins. The Wild Symbol in Gods of Rock also has another version.

Charged Wilds

Gods of Rock has 2 wild symbols, the regular wild, and the Charged Wild.

Each Charged Wild on the reel increments the corresponding reel multiplier by +1 up to a maximum of 11x. Any pay way containing symbols where there is a multiplier active will benefit from the multiplier.

If several reel multipliers are included in the same win, then the multipliers are multiplied by each other for a total. After the reel multiplier is increased by a Charged Wild symbol, it will explode all symbols surrounding it. A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 may be destroyed depending on its position.

After exploding, the Charged Wild will drop down until it lands on another symbol or reaches the bottom of the reel. After exploding, charged Wilds become regular Wilds.

The reel multiplier is reset between game rounds, but in Free Spins it persists, and any Base Game Multipliers active when it triggers carries over into Free Spins.

Bonus Meter and Free Spins

Free Spins aren’t obtained by conventional means with the use of a scatter like they are in most slots, but with the use of a bonus meter instead.

For each exploded Charged Wild Symbol, the Bonus Meter level will increase. When this level reaches its maximum, 8 Free Spins are awarded. Extra spins can also be obtained within the Free Spins itself by filling the Bonus Meter again for 3 Extra Spins.

As mentioned, the multiplier does not reset between spins in Free Spins, so the potential here is significantly higher.

Before you even get to Free Spins you’ll have passed the Encore section of the meter.

Wild Encore

The Wild Encore is a simple feature, but it’s incredibly useful.

This feature is activated when the Wild Encore level is reached in the Bonus Meter. When there are no more winning combinations, the feature is triggered. This randomly places 1-3 Charged Wild Symbols on the reels.

You may well reach the Free Spins before the Wild Encore Feature triggers. If this is the case, then the Encore Feature will trigger before the Free Spins starts.