Flaming Chillies

  • 02 March
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Flaming Chillies is a high volatility title from Booming Games. The Flaming Chillies slot brings a hot and spicy theme to fire up your winnings for the day. We’re looking at a 3×3 game with 10 paylines, loaded with a set of classic features. Read on for our full Flaming Chillies review below.

An Introduction to Flaming Chillies

The Flaming Chillies slot game features a set of three reels, offering 10 different ways to win. Extra hot Chillies allow users to win up to 2,000x their stake, and that’s what everyone strives for. The Flaming Chillies RTP is 95.48%, and the game is highly volatile. 

A chance to win free spins is also included in the mix. The game offers the possibility to earn real money and is fully mobile-friendly. You can make your earnings super-spicy with the onboard Gamble function.

Betting and Layout

As previously noted, upon launching the game, you’ll receive a warm, fiery greeting. The game is Mexican-themed, with striking red, orange, and yellow patterns dominating the visuals. The music is joyful, once again Mexican, and is bound to get you pumped up to win more.

This game is a 3×3 slot with eight different symbols on the reels. You have the Chili symbols, Free Spins, the Wild symbol, two Majors and three Minors. As previously mentioned, the Flaming Chillies RTP (Return To Player) is 95.45%. The max win is 2,000x, the minimum wager is 0.10, and the max bet is 50. The Flaming Chillies volatility is high, meaning you have a chance for major winnings, albeit at an increased risk.

To place your bet, select one of the 21 available betting values and hit the spin button. The main goal of this game is to collect the Chili symbols to score the highest winnings. The design is clean, and most users will likely get the hang of the layout within seconds.

Gameplay and Features

To play Flaming Chillies, you need to place your bet and hit the spin button. You should aim for as many Chill symbols as possible for the highest bonuses. 

When you strike a win, you are offered the chance to Gamble. If you accept, you receive double-or-nothing and quadruple-or-nothing options. To double your score, you must guess the colour of the card the system will draw. Just hit red or black. To quadruple your score, you need to guess the exact suit of the drawn card.

To secure free spins, you need to land three Free Spins symbols anywhere on the reels. You can gamble multiple times in a row and exit the Gamble mode by hitting the Collect button.

Regular Symbols

The game offers three minor BAR symbols – single, double, and triple – offering 0.3, 0.5, and 0.7 wins, respectively.

The better paying non-special symbols are the flaming red 7 and the flaming green 7. They bring 2.5 and 2.0 wins, respectively. The highest-paying combo in the game is scoring nine Chilli Payout symbols, landing you a 2000x win.

Scatter Symbols

A scatter symbol is a special icon found in video slots that does not have to appear within a payline to trigger a bonus. In the case of Flaming Chillies, the game offers the Free Spins symbol. If you land three, you receive 10 free spins.

Another scatter symbol is the Chilli, this game’s staple feature. If you get two Chilis anywhere on the reels, you get 1x winnings – or your money back, basically. From three to nine Chillis, you score winnings from 3x to 2000x.

Free Spins

Flaming Chillies features a single option for scoring free spins. The game will grant you 10 free spins if you land three scattered Free Spin symbols. Note that free spins can be re-triggered.

Wild Symbols

The game offers a single Wild symbol, and it replaces all the other symbols apart from Free Spins and Chilli. For example, if it replaces a minor single BAR symbol, you will receive 0.3, while replacing a flaming red 7 will get you 2.5. 

How to Win at Flaming Chillies

To win at Flaming Chillies, you’ll want to drop those Chillies onto the reels. There are 10 different paylines – securing a string of identical symbols in a single row, for example. Or reeling in three same symbols diagonally or in any of the positions at the attached image. Throw in the Wild symbol and Free Spins, and you’re off to the races.

As always, we suggest trying the video slots for free and this game is no different. Flaming Chillies offers unlimited free spins for you to practice your heart out. If you are feeling lucky, you can try your luck with the Gamble option. The odds say 50% to double your winnings or 25% to quadruple them.

Note that the majority of the sites we recommend allow unlimited free spins in demo mode. By joining our top-rated offers, you will likely grab a top-notch bonus to use in-game and play for free to win real money.

Payout Structure for Flaming Chillies

The payment structure is based on one of the 10 listed paylines for regular symbols, both major and minor. The Wild symbol spices up the regular symbols, while Chillis and Free Spins operate as scattered symbols. All you have to do is land two or three of them, respectively. To bag the highest earnings, aim for as many Chillis as possible.


We’ll conclude our Flaming Chillies review by saying that this is a highly enjoyable, spicy game that offers you the potential to win big. We recommend you find out how lucky those Chilli signs can get and find out how lucky you are with the Gamble option.

When registering to play Flaming Chillies, you should use one of our recommended sites for your own safety. This way, you’ll be sure you’re experiencing the real deal and avoiding potential scammers. And with that, our slot review is complete. So get down to work and grab those chillies today!